Final FOROPA meeting in Bolzano, Italy

The seventh FOROPA project meeting took place in Bolzano, Italy, from November 11th to 13th and was hosted by TIS Innovation Park. It was the last project meeting, the last opportunity for all project partners to meet personally and the last common possibility to look back and see what we have achieved together.


The first day of the project meeting was dedicated to a conference all around the thematic of biomass.  At the premises of TIS innovation park in Bozen/Bolzano, over 100 interested people followed the invitation and met to be informed about the outcomes of the project (the detailed program can be found HERE). Apart from the FOROPA project, also other institutes are dealing with the topic of biomass. Therefor TIS innovation park, organizer of the event, also invited the Free University of Bolzano to join with a couple of presentations about biomass potentials and future development of DHP’s, as well as South Tyrol’s energy association, which has elaborated a study about biomass degradation of wood chips. The event was accompanied by a poster session of the pilot concepts elaborated by the project partners. The conference presentations are available here:

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After the internal project meeting and discussions on project relevant topics, a field trip to the district heating plant of Ritten/Renon was made (BTW, this DHP was one of three best practice examples that were elaborated during the FOROPA lifetime). At the DHP, only biomass from farmers and wood processing companies within a radius of approx. 70 km is burned. At the premises, the woodchips are dried, using otherwise wasted heat from the ORC installation during the warmer periods. Further information about the DHP are available under publications/good practice examples.

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On the third day, an enertour was organized. Enertour ( is an initiative that consists of technical visits to CasaClima buildings, installations of renewable energy systems and municipal systems. During an enertour, the planners and managers of the systems and buildings give directly on the location explanations on the technical and economic aspects. The purpose of enertour is to disseminate knowledge and new practical technological solutions to benefit a more sustainable energy. During this day, two wood gasification plant were visited as well as a DHP which is integrated in a comprehensive energy system of Brixen/Bressanone.

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