Pilot implementation

In total, six different pilot concepts have been implemented as "proof of concept" within the frame of the FOROPA project. Each pilot was implemented in at least two different countries or regions. You can read more on the individual pilots here:

Pilot 1: Online biomass trading & information platform

Pilot 2: Forest training guide

Pilot 3: Biomass trade Center

Pilot 4: Ecologic slash utilization

Pilot 5: Wood fuel quality

Pilot 6: Improving storage properties of slash

Final FOROPA meeting in Bolzano, Italy

The seventh FOROPA project meeting took place in Bolzano, Italy, from November 11th to 13th and was hosted by TIS Innovation Park. It was the last project meeting, the last opportunity for all project partners to meet personally and the last common possibility to look back and see what we have achieved together.

Biomass expert repository

Our Biomass Expert Repository is now online. Since the transfer of knowledge is one of the key objectives of FOROPA, the consortium put together a catalogue containing over 70 experts from different fields of the forestry and biomass sector in the different partner countires. For each expert, a profile with a short description of his/her field of expertise exists, alonside with main references and contact details. The database will be updated and complemented during the project runtime and beyond.

Link to expert repository

ICT catalogue online

An online catalogue of different forestry-related ICT applications is now available on our website! Since the transfer of knowledge is one of the key objectives of FOROPA, the consortium put together a catalogue containing more than 40 ICT applications that were specifically developed for the use in the forest and biomass sector and that are currently used different partner countries. Short descriptions and contact details as well as other important information for each application are included as well. The applications reach from free calculation tools and trading platforms up to sophisticated forest planning and management tools and everything in between.

Link to catalogue

Slash pilot started in Styria

A pilot concept which aims at improving storage properties of slash (harvesting residues such as branches and tree tops) has started in Styria, Austria in the beginning of July. The pilot examines the ability of different pre-treatment measures and storage possibilities of slash to hinder natural decomposition processes and reduce the corresponding mass and energy losses and thus enhance the possible storage duration. Therefore, nine different variants are stored at two Styrian Biomass Trade Centers for a duration of four months to determine the effect of different pre-treatment measures on the storage behavior. Samples of each variant have been taken prior to storage and will be taken again after the storage tests. First results of the pilot can be expected by the end of the year.

Wood chips from slash are an important resource for large biomass heating and CHP plants since they often provide the major part of the utilized fuel. The main challenge in this regard is the limited ability of slash to be stored over longer periods. Since slash mainly occurs in the warmer season but is mainly heated in the winter, storage over a period of a few months is inevitable.

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A press article on the pilot concept (in German language) can be viewed here.

Project Meeting in Greece

The fifth FOROPA project Meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from May 13th to 15th. The current project status was outlined and the partners reported on their ongoing and planned activities in regard to communication and implication of pilot concepts in the frame of a poster session. Joint pilot concepts were finalized and details on implementation and financial structures were determined. Next steps and remaining activities in the project were discussed by the consortium.

The meeting was framed by two study tours to a forest site and a pellet plant. The first took place at a private-owned forest were the consortium was introduced to forest management Greece alongside its barriers and problems by the owner. Used harvesting systems and utilization paths for the wood were outlined and discussed as well as forest management plans in Greece.

The second field trip lead to the pellet plant Alfa Wood Nevrokopi, the were pellet production process was outlined by the production manager in a factory tour. Furthermore, the manager described the pellet market in Greece with existing barriers, followed by a discussion with the FOROPA consortium on the market situation and corresponding problems.

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The Potential Evolution of the European Energy System to 2020 and 2050

The Potential Evolution of the European Energy System to 2020 and 2050 for download.

Partnership with PROFORBIOMED

FOROPA joined forces with the Strategic Interreg MED Project PROFORBIOMED to jointly promote, disseminate and capitalise results. A collaboration agreement was signed by the coordinators of both projects in March, which can be found here. The projects both focus on the promotion of energetic use of forest biomass and it was therfore decided to mutually support this common objective.


Info on MED Programme

The state of renewable energies in europe

Download PDF (12 Mb)- The state of renewable energies in Europe - Edition 2013