The project FOROPA aims at promoting and strengthening clusters and networks for an improved use of lignocellulosic biomass in the SEE area. Relevant existing national and regional entities will be coordinated in order to encourage and foster innovation of all actors along the biomass utilization chain (private forest owners, state forests, logging and transport enterprises, biomass traders and converters, primary wood processors, etc.) and to spur the political support for an increased substitution of fossile fuels with bio energy from forest resources.

FOROPA analyses the innovation needs of enterprises and commercial end users in the woody biomass supply chain, sets up transnational Biomass Supply Chain Operational Reference Processes (BioSCORPs), and demonstrates the transferability of BioSCORPs by a series of pilot applications within the SEE territory to push forward the ability of intermediaries and entrepreneurs to innovate their businesses and to boost the competitiveness of woody biomass on the European energy market. The project thereby offers new and well adapted innovation instruments which will facilitate the innovation process of the FOROPA partners and their clients.